Support for the correct handling of our products. 

The REFKO Mix Guide APP leads you to the correct and specific handling of our products. Based on the material amount you want to mix the APP will provide informations as follows:

  • Amount of water for the specific material amount  
  • Type and amount of binder, if necessary 
  • Special working instructions 
  • Count down timer for the correct mixing time 

Due to increasing technical demands on our products, the use of high advanced materials is increasing in the same way. These materials can develop their advanced characteristics only if the handling and installation is done in a perfect way. The REFKO Mix Guide APP shall help the installer on site in an easy way. Even when handling different materials on an installation site under high time pressure, the REFKO Mix Guide APP provides a save and fast help to handle all the materials optimally.

Load Refko Mix App in iTunes store or Google Play or contact us für further information here.

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