REFKO is considered a market leader in monolithic products, pre-shaped parts and lining concepts for the cement industry.


  • ZSI material concept: Highest chemical resistance, high abrasion resistance and extreme thermal shock stability. REFKO was one of the first suppliers globally to establish this material concept which is based on a combination of SiC and ZrO2.
  • Innovative ceramic anchor concept: REFKO SEAL ANCHOR, REFKO SEAL BOLT ANCHOR
  • Optimized lining methods and concepts, e. g.:
    - SUPERGUN: A high-strength LCC dry gunning material with minimal rebound loss
    - VIBROLIT: A fast heat-up vibration castable utilising a SOL-GEL binding system
  • Innovative hexmetal reinforcement systems, e. g. for the burner lance
  • Pre-shaped products: Covering the whole process from the ceramic shock blower to entire kiln hood and bull nose systems
  • World-wide service
  • Design & Engineering Services

Castable concept for cement kilns