REFKO is concerned with focusing on the reduction of specific costs by the use of highest value in service products and raw materials.


  • Monolithic  ladle lining systems (spinel forming and/or spinel containing)
  • Monolithic tundish linings
  • Innovative tundish pre-shaped block installations for the minimization of non-metal impurities
  • Pre-shaped products: From the “runner brick for ingot casting to entire electric kiln top covers
  • Innovative, prefabricated roof for reheating furnaces (e. g. walking beam furnaces) with high stability, security and insulation
  • Highly insulating pre-shaped parts for the cooling-pipe insulation
  • SUPERGUN LCC gunning materials: High strength with minimal rebound loss, e. g. for walls of walking beam furnaces
  • VIBROLIT: Fast heat-up vibration castables, e. g. for burner in walking beam furnace

General product overview